Modified Canon Digital Rebel XSi (450D)

& Astro-Tech 127mm Triplet



Conyngham, PA - Feruary 17, 2009

by Gary Honis



Images were taken with a Modified Canon Rebel XSi (450D). Overnight ambient temperatures were in the teens Fahrenheit during imaging session.

Telescope used for imaging was an Astro Tech 127mm ED APO Triplet refractor using a Celestron f/6.3 focal reducer for Schmidt-Cassegrains. The Astro Tech 127 and ED80 refractor guide scope were mounted on an Orion Atlas EQ-G mount. The EQMOD ASCOM driver was used to drive the mount directly via an EQDIR interface module. Image is Full Frame.

Equipment used:

Comet Lulin (C/2007 N3) Image - Full Frame:

138 one-minute exposures at ISO 1600 were combined using DeepSkyStacker and reduced in size for display (1200X800). The "Comet Stacking" mode was used with Kappa-Sigma Clipping combine of light frames. Seeing was bad. Imaging was during glow of the last quarter Moon.


Comet Lulin (C/2007 N3) Video:

200 one-minute exposures were used for this 1280 X 720 HD video. Images were taken over a 4.5 hour period beginning shortly after midnight 2/17/09. VirtualDub software was used create the AVI video from individual JPG frames. The video is posted on YouTube at:


More Comet Lulin Images and Videos at closest approach to Earth on 2/24/09 can be seen HERE.

Removal of Canon XSi (450D) IR Cut Filter for Astrophotography

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