Modified Canon Digital Rebel XSi (450D)

Astro-Tech 127mm Triplet

Eckley, PA - June 1, 2008



by Gary Honis

Larger 1200 X 800 images below

Sky conditions were clear and seeing was poor. Temperature ranged from 52 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Telescope used was an Astro Tech 127mm ED APO Triplet refractor using a Celestron f/6.3 focal reducer for Schmidt-Cassegrains. The Astro Tech 127 and ED80 refractor guide scope were mounted on an Orion Atlas EQ-G mount. The EQMOD ASCOM driver was used to drive the mount directly via an EQDIR interface module. Imaging was done from our local GHAAS club site at Eckley, PA. All images are Full Frame.

Equipment used:

NGC 6888 - The Crescent Nebula - Full Frame:

Astro-Tech 127mm APO Triplet Refractor with a Celestron f/6.3 Reducer/Corrector for Schmidt Cassegrains. This reducer isn't meant for a refractor and gives some mis-shapen stars in the corners, but it provided a wider field. Image is Full Frame:

30 two-minute exposures at ISO 1600 were median combined using DeepSkyStacker and reduced in size for display:

Virgo Galaxies: M58, M59, M60, Siamese Twins and others - Full Frame:

20 three-minute exposures at ISO 1600 were median combined using DeepSkyStacker and reduced in size for display:

Galaxy labels: The following image is a "mouseover image". You will need to have scripting allowing in your web browser for this to work. Move your mouse cursor over the image and you will see the galaxies labeled.

Move cursor on and off image for labels:

Processing Notes: Calibrated and combined with DeepSkyStacker, noise reducetion with NEAT Image and levels, curves, color blalance and star shaping in Photoshop CS.

For 5/25-29/08 images of North America Nebula, Pelican Nebula, Virgo Galaxies and M101 Galaxy Click HERE.

Lunar images using an Astro-Tech 127mm Triplet Refractor and the modified 450D can be seen HERE.

Information on the Astro-Tech 127mm Triplet Refractor can be seen HERE.

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