1100D Re-assembly Continued


29. Reinstall the metal clip making sure that it snaps fully into position at each corner. Install two screws as shown below.

30. Blow out any dust from the camera body cavity with a blowers bulb. The filter/CMOS assembly will now be placed back into the camera body. Notice the three focus shim locations in the photo below. There are black pins holding the shims in place and each shim has a hole for a mounting screw. Line up the three holes in the filter/CMOS assembly frame with the three pins, place onto camera body and install the three sensor screws as shown below:

31. Install the two ground strap screws as shown in the above photo and slide the top of the camera housing back down into place. Place camera front piece back onto camera body. Start at the top and the bottom will snap into place as it slides over the metal tripod mount socket. If you have difficulty getting it over the tripod hole, remove the battery door, try again, then reinstall the door. (photo of T1i shown below):

32. Install the three screws at front of camera (photo of T1i shown below):

33. Install two screws on bottom of camera as shown. The shorter screw goes in the left postition.

34. Install diopter adjustment screw and cam. The cam is keyed with a wide key and a thin key, so make sure to align it properly when installing.

35. Place the circuit board over the camera body and connect the two conductor wire by using your fingers or needle nose pliers to push the orange male part of the connector into the brown female part.

36. Place circuit board in its place inside the camera body. Insert the end of the black fiber optic cable shown in the above photo into the whole in the white plastic connector. Install metal ground shield on left edge of circuit board. It slides onto the circuit board as shown below. The circuit board rests on two alignment pins.

37. Install five screws at the locations shown below (550D used for photo):

38. Connect all ribbon cables labeled "A" through "I" in reverse order, starting with "I" first. Using the diagram below as a guide, connect all remaining labeled ribbon cables through "A". Cable "H" needs to be fully inserted before closing its latch. Make sure the black fiber optic cable is still inserted in its white connector.

39. Connect the camera back to the circuit board by inserting the two ribbon cables and latching the connectors as shown below:

40. Close up the camera by sliding the camera back fully onto the camera body. It should snap into place. Install the plastic port cover and rubber piece with two small screws as shown. (Photo of 550D shown below):

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