Comet 17P/ Holmes

October 27 through November 13, 2007

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by Gary Honis

Comet Holmes was imaged with the following telescopes:

Orion ED80:

The ED80 was mounted on an Orion Atlas EQ-G mount. The EQMOD ASCOM driver was used to drive the mount directly via an EQDIR interface module.

Equipment used:

Temperature was in the mid 30 degrees Fahrenheit and skies were clear. PHD Guiding software was used for autoguiding. The webcam software WcCtrl was used to enable long exposure modes on the Logitech Fusion webcam while autoguiding.

Exposures ranging from 3 seconds to 3 minutes at ISO 1600 were stacked using sigma clipped median in Images Plus for the image.



The following image is a "mouseover images". You will need to have scripting allowing in your web browser for this to work. Move your mouse cursor over the comet image and you will see the faint outer green glow and blue tails of the comet. Move the mouse cursor off the image to go back to the comet nucleus image:

Move cursor on and off image:

20" Starmaster:

Imaging Setup:

9 exposures of six seconds each at ISO 1600 were stacked using sigma clipped median in Images Plus for this image. The animation shows the inverse image to better show core detail:

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