Astronomy Filters for Sale

by Gary Honis

This is a brand new Astronomik MC-Klarglas EOS 1000D Filter.

$120 plus free USPS shipping in the continental United States

The Astronomik MC-Klarglas EOS 1000D filter is a direct replacement for the stock filter in fron of the sensor and fits the Canon 450D through 760D, 40D through 70D, 100D, and 7D. This "filter" is used for dust protection or to compensate for the optical thickness alternated with other Astronomik filters. The CLS-CCD Filter enhances the contrast between astronomical objects and the background. Due to the wider transmission curve compared to UHC filters, a greater amount of light will pass the filter. Stars will be less dimmed. This filter has been optimized to block as much spurious light as possible and simultaneously provide the best performance for 'useful' light. A good filter for DSLR-, CCD- and film b/w-photography as well as observation of deep-sky-objects with telescopes or photo lenses of all aperture f/3 and above.

Main use

The Astronomik MC clear glass is designed for those places where a consistent optical thickness is essential to avoid refocusing when using different filters. The MC clear glass is anti-reflective, but blocks neither infrared nor UV light.

The Astronomik MC clear glass is also needed in those places where dust protection is required (Cassegrain telescopes, Schmidt-Newton or digital SLR cameras) without compromising the sensitivity of the camera or the eye.

The Astronomik MC clear glass is a high quality non-reflective plano glass, which is manufactured according to the same strict specifications, as the other Astronomik filters. This makes it homofocal to the other Astronomik filters without truncating the spectrum. By using a high-quality, diffraction-limited substrate, the Astronomik MC clear glass can be safely used as a protection against dust particles and suspended particles.

Suitability of the filter

Technical data for the filter

$120 plus free USPS shipping in the continental United States.

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