My attempts at astrophotography began in 1989 from a desire to capture colors of celestial objects not seen visually at the eyepiece. The first telescope I used was an 8 inch Meade LX-3 Schmidt-Cassegrain. This was later replaced by a Meade 10 inch LX-200 telescope. Cameras I use are the Olympus OM-4T and OM-1 with a varimagnifier for focusing. I am also experimenting with a Quickcam VC, a cooled Greyscale Quickcam and the Olympus C2000Z and C2020Z digital cameras for astro imaging that I can also use with my 20 inch Starmaster.
Astrophotography and amateur astronomy are adversely affected by light pollution. If you are an amateur astronomer, please get involved by becoming a member of the International Dark Sky Association (IDA).

Digital Cameras C2000Z and C2020Z:

Click here for gallery of digital camera deep sky images.

For an 8 part series on digital camera imaging along with planetary and deep sky images taken with Olympus C2000Z and C2020Z digital cameras select C2020Z.

Astrophotographs - Olympus OM-1 and OM-4T Cameras:

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Quickcam VC and Peltier Cooled Greyscale Quickcam Imager:

For my Quickcam VC results and Cooled Greyscale Project select Quickcam. For Comet Linear S4 Images & Animations Click Here