10. (Click for larger image) Circuit Board Mounting

The plastic project box was mounted on the rectangular aluminum heat sink using nylon screws and spacers. Three toggle switches were installed for the peltier, fan and anti-blooming. The anti-blooming switch is connected to the yellow wire of the quickcam cable to the connector on the circuit board. For details on the AGB modification see Dave Allmon's site.

11. (Click for larger image) T-thread and Optical Window

A two inch hole was cut in the plastic cosmetic jar lid with a hole saw. The threaded part of a camera T-ring adapter was super-glued onto the outside of the lid and a fully coated 49mm skylight camera filter was super-glued on the inside of the lid as an optical window.

12. (Click for larger image) Front View

The T-ring thread is mounted with the CCD chip image area centered.

13. (Click for larger image) Circuit Board Connections

An RCA type jack was installed on the back of the project box for 12V DC power alongside the quickcam signal cable. The 12V power is routed to the peltier and fan through two separate toggle switches.

14.(Click for larger image) Top View - Switch Labels

The three switches for anti-blooming, peltier and fan are labeled.

15. Completed Cooled Quickcam

(Click here for larger images)

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