Rupes Recta (Straight Wall)

Logitech Fusion Webcam

April 6, 2006

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A modified Fusion webcam was used with 2X Televue Barlow and 20" Starmaster GOTO Dobsonian for this image:

Rupes Recta- 4/6/06:

The Straight Wall is actually not all that straight when viewed at high power. It is about 80 miles long and the shadow is formed by a 40 degree slope and not a high cliff. One side of this fault is 700 feet higher than the other. The crater in the photo just below the straight wall is "Birt" and in the photo below you can see the sinuous rille called "Rima Birt" which extends out to the left from the bottom of Birt and parallels the straight wall.

Photo Details:

Seeing was poor, skies were clear and temperature was 35 degrees Fahrenheit. OPEN VIDEO CAPTURE was used to capture a one minute AVI file at 1280X960 resolution and 7.5 frames per second using the HuffyUV lossless video codec. 4 frames out of 450 total frames were stacked using Registax 3.

Processing notes:

The size of the captured one-minute AVI file using the HuffyUV lossless codec at 1280X960 resolution and 7.5 fps was 600 KB. Registax 3 was unable to align the AVI file so I used K3CCDTools to export frames as BMP files. I loaded the best 4 BMP frames into Registax 3 for stacking. Used Images Plus non-adaptive maximum Entropy with a PSF size of 7x7 pixels and 8 iterations. Used NEAT IMAGE for noise reduction then Photoshop CS unsharp mask, saturation and curves. Applied Images Plus adaptive Richardson-Lucy for the final image.

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