Removable Red Rubylith Shield for Canon Cameras

For Sale -Two for $5 Shipped

by Gary Honis


The red screen can be used when imaging at star parties or to preserve your night vision. It is also useful as a protector to avoid scratches on the camera's LCD display glass. It is a self-adhering vinyl, uses no adhesives, leaves no residue and can be easily removed. There is no layer to peal off on this shield for it to stick, please do not try pealing the shield material apart. One side of the shield is the adhering side; the other side will not stick. When you place the shield on the camera's display, if it does not stick, turn it to the other side.

One layer of the shield is red rubylith. Two shields are provided. Each shield is 2 5/8" X 2" and fits all Canon models with 3.0 inch display screens.

If the shield adhesion becomes weak, just clean it under running water and dry it with a paper towel. You can use a little liquid soap to clean the shield if needed.

If you want to buy two shields just send an email to me at the address below and include your USPS mailing address:

Payment can be made by using PayPal. Free Shipping to US only.

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